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Kelly Rowland Doubles Down And Says We Should All Forgive Convicted Abuser Chris Brown!

Kelly Rowland couldn’t care less what the internet thinks! She’s standing firm by Chris Brown’s side, despite the controversy.

As we reported, the Destiny’s Child singer ruffled a LOT of feathers on Sunday night at the American Music Awards when she accepted the Favorite Male R&B Artist award for the Kiss Kiss vocalist, who was not in attendance after his wildly inappropriate Michael Jackson tribute was axed.

Despite his win, the audience was clearly not a fan and actually booed when it was announced he’d taken home the award. Well, Miz Rowland wasn’t going to stand by and let this happen so she shut down the negativity and made a scene of supporting Chris. And, yeah, social media had a field day with the viral moment!

After this kind of fallout, it would have been fairly normal for Kelly to start walking back on her strong stance to avoid taking any more heat, but instead, she doubled down! On Monday, TMZ caught the 41-year-old out and about in West Hollywood and asked to get her take on the drama. While getting into her car, a paparazzo approached Kelly and asked if she finds it “sad” to see people “bullying” Chris for his past behavior. She quickly replied:

“I believe that grace is very real, and we all need a dose of it. Before we point fingers at anybody, we should realize how grateful we are for every moment that we get. Even our own things that we have, I just think it’s important to remember to be human. We are humans!”

Yes, we should all be grateful, but… “pointing fingers”? It’s not like people are making up things about Chris! He pleaded guilty to abusing Rihanna in 2009 and served five years of probation for the assault. He is literally a convicted domestic abuser!

Also, let’s not forget that he has continuously been accused of abuse, as recently as in 2020 and 2021, too. So, it’s not just his past coming back to haunt him but his alleged recent actions, as well. Just saying.

All that said, the photographer then asked if the Think Like A Man star feels like the crooner needs to be “forgiven” by the public, to which she dished:

“We all need to be forgiven for anything that we could be doing. Anything that we’re thinking. We all come up short in some sort of way, and grace is real. And we are humans and everybody deserves grace. Period.”


Is she really shaming people for not being able to forgive and forget the actions of an abuser?? It’s one thing for her — and even Rihanna, who publicly forgave her ex during a 2020 interview on Oprah Winfrey‘s SuperSoul Conversations podcast — to not hold a grudge for what the 33-year-old did, but it’s not really anyone’s right to tell someone else how to feel. Especially when they haven’t proven they have truly changed.

Check out Kelly’s full reaction to the backlash (below).

Thoughts? Do you think Chris deserves a second chance? Sound OFF (below)!

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