Home Hollywood 90 Day The Single Life Spoiler: Does Natalie End Up with Mike or Josh?

90 Day The Single Life Spoiler: Does Natalie End Up with Mike or Josh?

90 Day The Single Life Spoiler: Does Natalie End Up with Mike or Josh?


On this week’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie Mordovtseva asked Mike Youngquist for another chance.

After everything, he wasn’t sure if he could take her back. Meanwhile, fans were asking hey, what about Josh?

Is Natalie single now? Is she with Josh? Or is she back in the voods with Mike?

A 90 Day: The Single Life fan may have just spoiled this whole season.

Natalie did more than come to collect her paperwork from Mike’s home in Scream (Sequim), Washington.

She and her semi-estranged husband had a heart-to-heart. They bared their souls. He teared up. She cried.

We wouldn’t say that Natalie and Treesh (Trish) are good, exactly.

But they definitely spoke to each other.

Trish said things that she needed to say. Or that she felt that she needed to say.

And Natalie offered what explanation she could. And she offered an apology, of a sort.

So, what made Natalie do more upon her return than visit her rat and collect her belongings, including her documentation?

Well, for one thing, Mike had sent money to her mother to help her escape Ukraine.

Natalie’s homeland is a war zone. She felt touched that Mike helped her mother escape the carnage.

But there was more to it than a generous contribution.

Natalie spoke to the camera about how secure and loved Mike had made her feel during their engagement and marriage.

She felt that he appreciated her during their relationship. Like he knew, deep down, that he would never meet a “legendary woman” like her again.

After saying that she would consider returning if he gave her another chance, Natalie directly asked Mike if he would take her back.

He told her that he would have to think about it. She broke his heart. More than once, really.

But … isn’t Natalie forgetting about someone?

As a producer asked, what exactly is Natalie going to do about Josh.

Josh is the DILF whom she has been dating on this season of 90 Day: The Single Life.

Her mood has oscillated wildly … which is not unusual for Natalie. She has pushed him away. And she sometimes resents things like his ex-wife and his busy work schedule.

But Natalie is also crazy. About Josh, we mean. That’s what we mean, yes.

She has already spoken about wanting kids with him.

And it’s not like she and Josh are over. She spoke to him while en route to Mike’s home.

Natalie does not seem like the kind of gal who would thrive in a polyamorous relationship.

And that would be if Mike, Josh, and immigration officials (who at times unfairly persecute K-1 immigrants in plural relationships) were okay with it. We wouldn’t hold our breath.

This means that Natalie surely has to choose. Mike? Josh? Or will she go without either?

A Reddit user by the handle of FeelsBlind89 took to the social media site to share a selfie with Natalie.

Obscuring a small sliver of their own face with turquoise, either on a phone or in MS paint, the photo showed Natalie unobscured.

She looked happy and beautiful as she posed for a selfie with a fan. The redditor titled the photo: “I met Natalie and Josh yesterday. They were very nice!”

One can only assume that this means that Natalie and Josh are together. It’s not confirmation, but it’s close.

(Yes, any fan could conceivably snap a photo with a reality star and then make claims about them … but why?)

It looks like Natalie and Josh are the current pairing.


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