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You can’t ghost her

You can’t ghost her


Over the summer, Serena Kerrigan was blindsided when a man dumped her on text in the early stages of dating. Hurt and upset, the 28-year-old decided it was time to approach dating differently. She’d casually see three men at the same time to stop herself from “hyper-fixating” on a single guy and save herself from heartache, when she got passed over or ghosted.

“I was so attached to the idea of [the guy I was dating] because I was only dating him versus dating multiple people,” said Kerrigan, a producer and entrepreneur. Kerrigan, who defines “dating” as spending one-on-one time with someone, said that seeing multiple people as opposed to just one person has changed her attitude about herself.

Serena Kerrigan says she’s ‘never been happier’ with her love life after deciding not to date just one man at a time

“Operating in abundance,” she said, is “the best thing that I did for my confidence.” She clarified that she doesn’t see all three men every week and instead “oscillates” between them to make plans. But while she might be seeing less of each guy, she said it allows her to focus on what she values, which is “quality time and great conversation”.

Many people on TikTok agreed with her and had tried the same thing. Many of the users commenting on her post from earlier this month, which has more than 448,000 views so far, noted the strategy helped them take better control of their dating life. Rather than feel like they’d been “chosen” by a man to date them, the “rule of threes” instead allowed them to “choose” the kind of person they really wanted to be with.

Los Angeles-based dating coach and therapist Jaime Bronstein praised the notion of casually dating more than one person at a time. Dating multiple people removes some of the “nervous” energy that sometimes comes with focusing on just one person, Bronstein said, as well as eliminates the possibility that you may be building someone up in your head.

Is this the world’s smallest town?

This agricultural hamlet in Istria has only two streets and three rows of houses

Located in central Istria, approximately a 2.5 hours drive from Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb, the medieval hilltop town of Hum is home to between 20 and 30 people (27 as of 2021). It measures only 100 m long and 30 m wide. Surrounded by a small stone fence erected in medieval times to protect the town from bandit attacks, Hum somehow never outgrew this barrier in the way that most other towns did. The reputation of ‘world’s smallest town’ has done wonders for Hum, and today tourism counts as one of the two main sources of income for the locals, along with agriculture. There isn’t that much to see, but locals do their best to make visitors feel welcome.

No. of people reside in the medieval town of Hum

Noise over falls!

US residents living around the Niagara fall have not had a peaceful night due to the ‘Haunting Hum’ abounds them. Vast systems of cryptomining have been set around the falls calling it crypto mining farms. Thundering roar of the renowned falls is overlapped by the noise of hundreds of fans put up to cool down these mining systems. The miners relocated to Niagara, for its cheap electricity, after they were banned in China, deafening the locals here.

A handful pair

Lauren Berty, a mother of three from Virginia, shares videos of her twin daughters, Shiloh and Ever-Grace, with her 127,800 TikTok followers. One video begins with heart-warming clips of the twins hugging one another and lovingly patting each other’s backs. But a few seconds in, the clips quickly switch to the fights through the bars of their cribs.

Bernie the Seagull is my best friend

Hayley Binnington, 41, became “besties” with a wild seagull, and named her “Bernie” during the pandemic. But the bird trashed her home and bit her nose—and it was all caught on camera. Her bird’s brutal betrayal video on TikTok clocked up more than 2.3 million views. She has been feeding him every day since 2020.

“Hi Hun xxx” works with Dad to get gifts

Noah Ley, a 9-year-old boy is going viral for cracking the code of dealing with his Dad. He tricked his dad into buying him a puppy by masquerading as his mother on WhatsApp by calling him “hun.”   Mom-personation worked for him. “I really wanted a dog, so I went on mom’s phone and wrote ‘hi hun’—it’s a mom’s phrase,” admitted Ley.

Surfing the sea with the Sharks!

Nathaniel Drummond, 19, was competing in a surf ski race when just 30 seconds in the race, he  survived a shark encounter that sent him flying into the air . The shark took a bite out of his vessel and left a gaping hole in the surf ski he was riding in. It occurred just half mile offshore.


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