Home Entertainment & Lifestyle From diabetes to men`s health: A weekly roundup of mid-day.com’s top features

From diabetes to men`s health: A weekly roundup of mid-day.com’s top features

From diabetes to men`s health: A weekly roundup of mid-day.com’s top features


World Diabetes Day and International Men’s Day were observed during the third week of November. For our feature on diabetes, Mumbai-based medical experts answered important questions to further our understanding of the disease. Conversation around mental health has gained traction in the recent years, and has brought to light the gender disparity that exists. Mental health practitioners draw on their diverse expertise and delve into issues impacting men’s mental health and the impact of societal expectations.

To help you amp up your winter attire, fashion experts share tips on how to ace form-fitting fashion. Furthermore, to make sure you look your best for the wedding season, we’ve got a globally renowned expert to share a step-by-step guide which will help you get ready in no-time. Along with weddings, November also brings with it chilly winds which can adversely impact bone health. Health experts examine the reasons leading to this, and share advice on how to take care of bone health when the temperatures dip. ‘Shelf Life’, our weekly series which charts the reading culture in Mumbai shines a spotlight on a comic book library in Versova which serves as the ideal place to unwind with a book and a hot beverage.

World Diabetes Day: Why diabetic patients with Covid-19 need more attention
The world observes Diabetes Day on November 14. A Mumbai expert dissects the disease better to help people suffering from it and those taking care of them understand it better.

‘Winter worsens bone problems’: Experts share ways to maintain bone health
Winter is observed to impact the bone health of many Indians, especially those who show signs of Vitamin D deficiency— a major cause of bone conditions among Indian adults, as per the fifth National Family Health Survey. City-based medical experts shed light on causes and simple ways to maintain bone health during the season.

An expert’s guide to trending hairstyles for this wedding season
If you are someone who frets the idea of attending big events. We`ve got you, and just in time for the wedding season. Here are four effortless hairstyles that will suit different hair types and elevate your look.

In form for winters: Here’s a guide to ace the body-fitting fashion with corsets
With form-fitting styles offering the flattering chic look, fall 2022 is the year of corset clothing. Here’s an expert guide to styling the classic body-shaping item in-sync with the winter-mood.

International Men`s Day 2022: An expert guide to men’s mental health, gender gap and societal expectations
Ahead of International Men’s Day, mental health practitioners explain how distinctively mental health issues present themselves in men.

How a visit to Japan made this Mumbaikar start a comic book library in Versova
Many comic book lovers in the city are aware of Leaping Windows, one of Mumbai’s only spaces dedicated solely for people to indulge in anime, manga, graphic novels and comic books. From starting out of their Bandra home to running a full-fledged café to aid the reading room, Mid-day Online visits and speaks to its founders.


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