Home Entertainment & Lifestyle DJ Khaled offers fans a night inside his sneaker closet on Airbnb

DJ Khaled offers fans a night inside his sneaker closet on Airbnb

DJ Khaled offers fans a night inside his sneaker closet on Airbnb


DJ Khaled is inviting fans to spend a night in his “sneaker kingdom” on Airbnb.

The rapper is celebrating his latest collaboration with Nike on the Air Jordan 5 with a recreation of his expensive shot closet.

The listing will be open to fans for just two nights, from 5-6 December, and will cost $11 (£9) per evening in a nod to Khaled’s own shoe size.

The stay includes access to the shoe closet, a bathroom, and an outdoor lounge area complete with swimming pool.

Guests will also be welcomed with a handwritten note from Khaled upon arrival, and a catered dinner from the producer’s restaurant, The Licking Miami Gardens.

The shoe closet is covered in wooden shelves that are lined with trainers, with room made for a large double bed.

“Sneakers are an essential part of hip hop culture and collecting them is an art – just like creating music,” said DJ Khaled.

Khaled added: “We bring the same passion and energy to the shoe game as we do the studio. That’s why we’re excited to share our sneaker kingdom with fans and give them a chance to walk in our shoes, literally.”


In addition to the stay, guests will also receive a pair of Khaled’s latest “We The Best” Air Jordan 5 shoes.

Khaled, who spends most of his time in Miami, recently opened up about his family life in an interview with Haute Living.

Khaled and his wife, Nicole Tuck, have two sons; Asahd, six, and Alaam, two.

DJ Khaled’s ‘sneaker kingdom’


“I want to be there when my kids come home from school. I want to be woken up in the place where my queen is getting my boys dressed for school,” Khaled said.

“I’ve been blessed to have this life, and the love of my family, so I made a promise to myself, and that was to create an environment where I could have my family with me every step of the way. That’s the love I want to be around, non-stop.”

Booking for Khaled’s “sneaker kingdom” is set to open on 29 November at 1pm ET. Those eager to book a stay can see the listing here.


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