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Bigg Boss 16 Exclusive! Gautam Singh Vig: Karan Johar just kept going on…

Bigg Boss 16 Exclusive! Gautam Singh Vig:  Karan Johar just kept going on…


Actor Gautam Singh Vig was evicted from the `Bigg Boss 16` house on Sunday, due to lack of votes. Gautam who had been in the spotlight for his relationship with co-contestant Soundarya Sharma, spoke to mid-day.com, post his exit. Read on to know more!

Are you shocked or surprised by your eviction?

Yes, I`m both shocked and surprised because I was not expecting it and I`m still in that zone. I can`t believe this has happened!

Who do you feel should have been evicted before you?

There are many but definitely Ankit, Sumbul and MC Stan.

How did you feel when Karan Johar and even contestants questioned your relationship with Soundarya and said that you`ll were faking it?

It was their perception and it was too early to judge us. Karan just kept going on without letting me talk or give my justifications. He did the same with Soundarya. It would have been easy for us to be done with it and settle the issue but we chose to stand by our decision.

Do you plan to date Soundarya after the show too?

Ofcourse we fought so many things together and we would like to experience how the real world treats us.

Who do you see as top 3 and why?

Shiv because he already has a lot of loyal supporters in the house who want him to win the trophy. Next is Abdu because he is getting a lot of love for his cuteness and simplicity in the outside world. Finally, Archana because she is real, people like and hate her both. If she sticks to her guns she can make it.

What will you miss about the show?

I will miss proving my points, standing up for myself and people watching me.

Unforgettable moments on the show?

When I entered the Bigg Boss house, the time I became captain and when I met Soundarya, our fights and all the moments in the beginning. It was a good time.

Undeserving contestants and why?

Ankit, he`s in his own world and only there because of Priyanka. Sumbul is just a shadow and third is MC Stan because he doesn`t want to be in the house but he`s just there to support Shiv. He just bursts out every two-three weeks and starts fighting and swearing. He thinks that is the game.

First thing you plan to do after going home?

Start working on projects I had left behind.

Thoughts about host Salman Khan?

He is genuine with his opinion and honest about his perception towards people. He doesn`t give a damn about anything because he is-The Salman Khan. He`s fun, he`s loving and he knows how to scr** a person too. His aura is very strong, I love him!


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